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 The Faculty of Finance and Banking

The Faculty specializes in Finance – Banking as key major: students training in order to provide high quality human resources for the Banking, insurance, corporation and other Social – Economic organizations domestically and internationally. Trained human resources are capable of doing business administration tasks, researching, and demonstrating professional competence in Finance – Banking area.


The Faculty of Finance – Banking is a scientific organization which has very high reputation in the field of Finance – Banking in researching and applying practices: acquisition, propagation, research, and the development of Science – Technology application achievements in Finance – Banking area.

  •  Build the Department to become the basis of typical national level of University of Economics and Business – VNU: having reputation in the field of education, scientific research linking international connection and consultancyof Finance – Banking scientific applications;
  •  Become the top – ranking institution in reputation in the field of Finance – Banking in Vietnam; meet the accreditation standards of education.
  •  Build teaching staffs and managers in order to have high expertise, capacity of world – class scientific research;
  •  Ensure facilities and modern equipment to serve all activities of the Faculty; The training program catches up with the trend of the development of advanced education in the world;
  •  Become the center of scientific research, international cooperation with research systems in Finance – Banking, associated with training; have the ability to solve the theoretical and practical problems of the economy, the Finance – Banking area in particular;
  • There are high competitiveness in the theoretical and practical quality of scientific products, ensuring the integration of global education: implementing training and scientific research in the field of economic applicationfocusing in Finance – Banking;

1.    Basic values:

This is the fundament for the mission, orientations for all activities to achieve the vision and behavioral culture of the Faculty of Finance – Banking in the future. The basic values ​​include:

  • Students are the center of all activities.
  • High profession, quality and efficiency in all training activities, scientific research and international cooperation.
  • Commit encouraging diversity, creativity and fairness in all staffs and faculty.
  • Teaching and learning environment are modern, flexible and scientific, meet the practical demands of industrial and professional training.
  • Build research capacity for teachers, creating the environment of international scientific research in the Faculty.
  • Develop relationships between Departments and Social – Economic units within the University and Social - Economicsorganizations as well as other universities domestically and internationally through research activities.
  • Attractive, bidding cooperative projects of scientific research internationally and locally.
  • Transfer research results to organizations and corporations.
  • Contribute to innovative training programs based on scientific research results domestically and internationally.
  • Attract social resources for scientific research work and contribute to the budget of the Faculty and the University.
  • The objective of international cooperation activities in the future of the Department is to build and develop cooperativerelationships: actively expand cooperation with other institutions and organizations within and outside the country through School Grade, diversify the types of goods and multilateral partners, to further promote international cooperation in the spirit of supporting the training and scientific research, facilitate the development of international cooperation.
  • Strengthen contract through school and implement cooperation agreements with universities in Europe (France, UK ...), Canada, USA, Australia… about the training of Finance – Banking, the diploma in the future will be linked with the international organizations, in order to improve the quality of international cooperation in all aspects, and enlist the maximum support of the organizations and agencies abroad in order to develop training career and science research of the University.
  • Focus on the construction and the development of highly qualified scientific staff for international cooperation activities, in order to implement international cooperationin terms of mutually beneficial conditions for the development of multimedia products of recent international cooperation.
  • Send lecturers, managers for abroad learning, teaching and research, whileinviting international specialists come to the Facultyfor teaching and researching, the teaching staffs of the Faculty have the opportunity to access and integrate scientific and technical qualifications of the region and the world.
  • Fully take advantage of the international cooperation in order to expand relations form "distant learning" for students and Faculty members.
  • Effectively work with our partners: DIV, MB, BIDV, VNDIRECT, PVI, AI Capital in training activities and scientific research applications.
  • Search and develop additional partners to attract large network of scientists, professional practice to improve the quality of undergraduate and postgraduateteaching.
  • Develop policies for sustainable development cooperation in the exploitation of training programs of high quality – high fees.

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