Postgraduate students in 20th intake of Finance and Banking faculty had last farewells with their lecturers.

In the afternoon of 14th July 2014, representative of postgraduate in 20th intake of the faculty had met and said goodbye to their lecturers.
Up to now, postgraduate students in 20th intakes had finished studying-in-class period with over 50% of the students completed their master thesis. Mr Toan, representative of the group, a leader of Finance and Banking - class 1, gratefully thanked to the teachers, lecturers for their passionate teaching and guiding students in final thesis, creating the best condition for students in approaching major knowledge and successfully completing the course.

On behalf of the faculty of Finance and Banking, Dr. Le Trung Thanh, Associate Dean on duty of the faculty, expressed his gratitude to students, and, he wishes that they will be soon successful in their career and their life. Dr. Thanh hopes that after graduation, students will continuously contact with the faculty and have some co-ordination  in many fields in the future. 

For the gratefulness with the teachers and lecturers in the faculty, the students gave a memorable painting to the faculty and promised that they would positively support students in the faculty with lots of efficient internship chances. This was a short-time meeting but had a beautiful impression and made lecturers and students become more closely.

Nguyen Xuan Thu (faculty of Finance and Banking)

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