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  Assoc. Prof. and Dr. Tran Thi Thanh Tu: Achieved Master Degree in International Accounting from the University of Synthesis Swinburne - Australia and later Doctorate in Finance at the National Economics University in 2007, Dr. Tran Thi Thanh Tu has more than 15-year experience as a teacher, researcher and consultant in the field of banking and finance. Currently, she is the Dean of Faculty of Finance and Banking, University of Economics, VNU. Dr. Tu has a lot of experiences as host and participator in consulting projects, research with the domestic and international financial institutions, such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Bank Vietnam State Bank, Securities Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education and Training and the system of commercial banks and credit organizations in Vietnam with many studies published in professional journals, international conferences and monographs, textbooks in the fields of banking and finance; has over 10-year experience in short-term training in corporate finance, financial analysis, project evaluation, risk management for corporations, large banks such as Vietcombank, Argribank, Vietingbank, PVfC, MB, Maritimebank, VNAirline, VNPT, TKV, Viettel etc ... Her main research directions are capital structure, banking restructure, corporate governance in banking.

  Assoc. Prof. and Dr. Tran Thi Thai Ha: Got Associate Professor title in 2005, she has lectured in the Department of Finance, Department of Finance and Banking, University of Economics, VNU. Served as Vice-director of the Training Center of the State Securities Commission, Head of Department of Finance of the Faculty of Finance and Banking, University of Economics, VNU. She joined numerous training courses certified professional practice, professional training for securities companies and businesses; editor and co-editor of several textbooks, reference books in Finance and Banking. Her main research topics are the development of the financial market, the derivative instruments; risk management of financial institutions. There are many of teaching experiences in the field of financial investment, corporate finance and risk management.


  Dr. Nguyen The Hung: The Faculty of Finance and Bankking. Graduated in Mathematics - Mechanical, University of Moscow, Russia (1979), getting Master degree of Management at the University of Freedom, Brussell - Belgium (1998), and Doctor of Economic Management in Vietnam Institute of Economics (2010), Dr. Hung has nearly 20-year experience in teaching and researching in the field of business administration and finance and banking. Research topics and concerns: competitiveness of enterprises, financial risk management, rating the performance of the business.


  Dr. Le Trung Thanh: Graduated Ph.D. program at the University of National Economics and participating in research at the Center for European Research (ZEW) - Federal Republic of Germany, Dr. Le Trung Thanh has in-depth knowledge in the field of Finance. Dr. Thanh has participated in many projects and programs with an advisory role or research institutions: the World Bank (WB), Ministry of Education and Training, the Ministry of Science and Technology Fund Central People's Credit, Vietnam Development Forum (collaborative research project between National Graduate Institute for Researchpolicy (GRIPS), Tokyo and the University of National Economics), the State Securities Commission, the Agricultural Bank of Vietnam, the Vietnam Industrial and Commercial Bank, Union Cooperative Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vietnam. Dr. Thanh has lectured for many objects as CFOs, financial managers in the ministries, branches and localities, investors and employees of financial companies, auditing, securities, banking, insurance, in subjects on financial management, strategic planning and management of local budgets, financial investment, risk management, and thematic certificates and securities practice auditors. Currently Dr. Le Trung Thanh is a lecturer of Department of Finance, Department of Finance - Bank, UEB, VNU


  M.A. Trinh Thi Phan Lan: Curently, she is a lecturer of Finance, Department of Finance - Banking, University of Economics, VNU. Graduated from college at the University of Finance - Accounting Hanoi (now the Institute of Finance), Master of Business Administration at the Symbiosis, Pune University, India (2005) and is currently a PhD student Specialized Finance - Banking Finance Academy. M.A. Lan has years of teaching in the field of finance and financial risk management in the enterprise; has participated in numerous master classes for short-term financial directors and chief accountants of small and medium enterprises. Fields of study M.A. Lan are financial structure, financial analysis, financial evaluation of the project and risk analysis.


  M.A. Nguyen Tien Thanh: Curently, he is a lecturer of Finance, Faculty of Finance and Banking, University of Economics, VNU. Graduated from the National Economics University in Finance and Banking, received a Master degree in Finance from the University of New South Wales, Australia in 2009. He has years of working experience in the banking and financial sector, management of securities investment funds for large financial institutions at home and abroad. Field of study: corporate finance, stock market, real estate, investment management, risk management, mergers and acquisitions business.


  M.A. Nguyen Quoc Viet: Graduated Master in Finance and Master of Statistics in the United States. MA.Viet has 14 years of experience specializing in practicing, researching and teaching in the field of M & A, asset pricing, financial markets and international bidding. Currently, Mr. Viet is a lecturer in Finance & Banking Faculty, UEB, VNU. M.A. Viet participatied as the founder and executive of Avalue Vietnam Valuation and M & A Forum Annual Vietnam. Also, M.A. Viet holds a key position in the financial services organization and abroad as Ameriprise Financial, Indochina Capital, Golden Bridge Vietnam Securities Star, AIC Fund Management and AVM Vietnam. M.A. Viet is also an expert in advising and consulting to finance for ODA projects funded by the World Bank through MPI.

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