Lecturers of Banking and Finance faculty, VNU University of Economics and Business attend the training course for creative and professional thinking in Ireland

It is part of the training program “Strengthening the capacity of teaching staff and management officers of the Vietnam National University, Hanoi by the approach of innovation and start-up to promote and to strengthen the skills of the 21st century and foster the development spirit and innovation in the students Vietnam National University, Hanoi in collaboration with the Creative Academy, University of Dublin, Ireland, held under the sponsorship of Irish Aid.

The program is deployed to enhance the capacity, equipment and promotion of innovative thinking, spiritual initiation for the teaching staffs and managers of VNU.

On the basis of academic results in phase 1, during the period from 14th to 23th in June 2018, Ms. Trinh Thi Phan Lan - lecturer of the finance and banking faculty - Vietnam National University, Hanoi and four other lecturers and officers of the Vietnam National University, Hanoi have participated in the second phase of training course at the University of Dublin, Ireland. These are the best candidates selected on the basis of academic results and assessment from the Ireland trainers during training course in Vietnam in April.


Vietnamese participants are arranged to attend part 2 in a similar class with that taken in the Creative Academy. The class consisted of a number of lecturers from Level 1, Level 2 to university teaching in Ireland. These students from various countries such as India, Libia, Japan, Etopia and Ireland have created a very diverse and culturally rich class of discussion topics. When the Vietnamese delegation is coming, all are welcomed by a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

       In the course, participants have chance to meet four famous speakers in training and innovation. The main content of this section requires each group of teachers to find a problem and provide solutions to enhance the effectiveness of education and training in their own country. A presentation of the results report is held at the end of the course with a number of guests. The presentation is extremely impressive, with a variety of creative and compelling scenarios.
           The knowledge of course is extremely rewarding. This is a great opportunity to learn about teaching methods through the lessons of the classroom. After each section of the course, students are required to write a report on the personal deployment plan concerning the application of the knowledge learned in teaching and/or start up. The third step of the program will take place in November 2018 to re-evaluate the outcome of these plans and together to build the next plan in the future.

In the context of the innovative renovation of the Vietnam National University – Ha Noi, the University of Economics and Business and the faculty of finance and banking in particular are emphasis on promoting creativity in teaching, especially with high quality banking programs and upcoming programs, the faculty of Finance banking is guiding to develop new subjects, tied to reality; Therefore, the faculty of the course participants are expected to contribute and create active transformation in the teaching and learning work of the faculty and students at the faculty.

             With the knowledge gained by the training course, the lecturers have the opportunity to directly apply modern teaching methods to the academic subjects of the Bank of finance and to spread to other lecturers. It is expected that Vietnam National University – Ha Noi continues to have such rewarding courses in the future. The course not only enhances the faculty capacity but also acts as a bridge between the members of the Vietnam National University – Ha Noi and promotes international cooperation with the teachers of the University of Dublin, Ireland.
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