Finance students study Green Finance with experts from Nepal

Nowadays, Vietnam's economy is developing very fast but in order to develop sustainably, the environment also needs to be focused. So how to assure the economy grow sustainably? What is green finance? Can students combine business ideas and environmental protection?

Understanding this, the Department of Finance and Banking of the University of Economics and Business, Vietnam National University Hanoi invited experts, Mr. Sanjib Subba - CEO of National Banking institute from Nepal to talk about Green Finance and business ideas. In the meeting with the faculty, he shared his desire to convey his enthusiasm and business knowledge to Vietnamese students.

Expert has meetings with the Banking and Finance Department

Guest speaker is talking about Green Finance and entrepreneurship

Through the talk, expert helped students understand what green finance, the process of green finance is. At the same time, expert also gave some business ideas that can assure environmental protection. For example, students can collect coffee grounds, tea residues from beverage shops such as Starbuck, Phuc Long, etc. and mixing with soil to create fertilizer. He shared that in order to improve Vietnam environment, people need to change their living habits such as using plastic bags and plastic product, and we need to pay more attention to recycling, reduce waste, and improve energy efficiency.  

During the talk, the students were excited to share their start-up idea such as open gym for postpartum mother, open coffee and flower shop. The guest speaker also encouraged the school to open entrepreneurship contests for students to help students raise and nurture entrepreneurial passion. At the same time, he also advised students not to hesitate to implement business ideas as well as not to be afraid to make new mistakes in business because business experience is valuable for students to learn from mistake. 


After the talk, students learned more about green finance, the role of the environment in economic development. They are encouraged to show their business ideas, as well as can ask the expert for start-up advice.

Nguyet Minh – F&B

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