Certificates award of “Developing skills of Finance, Banking, Accounting major in English” for a special education course of the faculty of Finance and Banking.

Nowadays, English skill is one of the integral output standards in many universities, because it is an effective tool for supporting student’s future career, especially for jobs in Finance, Banking, Accounting majors. However, there are not many students prepares suitable English knowledge for their carrier ahead. This concern became motivation for teachers in Finance-Banking faculty of UEB- VNU finding out and opening the special education course namely “Developing skills of Finance, Banking, Accounting major in English”.
The program was specially designed for helping students inside and outside of the university who wants to achieve international certificate such as CFA, FIA and ACCA. Throughout many listening, reading lessons and discussing the situations in professional accounting, financial field, the learners were enhanced listening, reading, speaking, writing skills in English for business. These enhancements can also be their advantages for future recruitment

This course includes 4 modules: English for commerce, English for Accounting and Auditing, English for Finance and English for Banking. It was carried out by professional teachers with many experiences and knowledge about Finance-Accounting major. Especially, students had a chance for cultivating English for commerce with Mr.Bruce who is a natural english teacher from Australia. On 20th May 2014, the ceremony was taken in Room 511 of E4 building in the happy atmossphere of all teachers and students.

Dr. Le Trung Thanh gave the certificates for learners of the course “Developing skills of Finance, Banking, Accounting major in English”


Dr. Le Trung Thanh and the teachers shared with students the valuation of the course, advantages and disadvantages of this program. Hue Dang, a attending student, said that “Dear teachers, after this program, I am more excited with fianance-accounting major which is the most important with me. Thanks for all the passion and inspiration the teachers giving us”. Moreover, Doan Thai Ngan, a student of K57-Finance and Banking- Advanced Education also commented “Waiting so long to the final lesson, but now I want to learn more and more”.


A tea party was happening and some gifts from learners to their teachers. 

Tong My Duyen (QH2011-E-Finance and Banking)

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