Introduction about High Quality Program of Finance and Banking Faculty

Finance and Banking (Standard Program)

The undergraduate program of Finance and Banking Faculty is designed based on international standard program of Wharton Business School of Pennsylvannia University (USA) which is adjusted and added some appropriate subjects for characteristics of Vietnam society.

To help students to be easy to realize thier career direction, meet the real reqirements, the subjects specialized in Finance and Banking is instructed with updated knowledge followed by the international standard and matched  the operations of finance instruments and companies in Vietnam. Besides the field trips and extracurricular activites with the cooperation of domestic and international partners , students are trained and updated professional knowledge which is met the requirements of employers.

  • The students who graduatefrom the Standard Program have good knowledge about the major, have the possibilities to analyze, plan and manage the operations
  • Companies, commercial banks, finance companies, mutual funds and other finance instruments inside and outside the country.
  • Govermental groups, State Bank of Vietnam, Ministry of Finance, State Securities Comission of Vietnam and others.

With the knowledge and skills which are faciliated, students with the thirst of science research and teaching can develope their career in institues and universities with in the country.

Finance and Baking Faculty (High Quality Program)

The High Quality Program of Finance and Banking Faculty is designed with higher qualifications than the Standard Program . The High Quality Program emphasis on creativeness, self-study, practical skills, actual knowledge and the possibilities to utilize Information Technology and English.

Students who graduate from the High Quality Program of Finance and Banking Faculty are the excelent ones with high quality of the major knowledge and good English (equivalent IELTS 5.5)

To become a student of High Quality Program, candidates are required: (1) Be accepted to the University of Economics and Business – Vietnam National University with the score which is equal to the score to enter the Standard Program; (2) Have English efficiency based on the requirements; (3) Have enough score to evaluate the assessment and (4) Pass the direct interview.

The advantages of the Program

Besides the general advantages, students will have another advantages:

  • The lecturers have high teaching efficiency and actual experience and most of them have the PhD diploma, graduate from developed countries with modern teaching methods. Professors have great actual experience inside and outside the Finance and Banking major.
  • Many subjects are taugh in English
  • Field trips and internships are started in sophomore year
  • Having chances to take part in and lead the English club, Young Economists Club, Future Entrepreners Club, CFA Club, CPA Club or ACCA to improve students creativeness and ability.
  • Free taking part in soft skills courses and career knowledge which help students to adapted to the working invironment right after graduating.

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