Graduate program of Finance and Banking Faculty

Finance and Banking major contribute a really important role to the economy of every country.
In Vietnam, finance and banking major has contributed a significant contribution for the renewing and developement of the economy. So far, there are so many universities which educate the undergraduate program, master program and PhD program about Finance – Banking which makes a huge supply for the major. However, most of the universities are just meet the quantity.

With the strengths and potentials of the lecturers who trainned in developed countries with actual experiences in the major of finance and banking, the number of professors and contributors from finance instruments, universities and institutions all over the country. Finance and Banking Faculty, University of Economics and Business – Vietnam National University have enough conditions for the social resources  which is not only about the quantity but also  about the quality. In the present, Finance and Banking Faculty , University of Economics and Business – VNU has many programs for graduate programs such as Master of Finance and Banking with researching direction, Master of Finance and Banking with applying direction, Master of Finance Institution Management, PhD of Finance and Banking.

Graduate programs of Finance and Banking Faculty:

  1. Master of Finance and Banking
  2. PhD program

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