Personal finance researching and advising group

Personal Finance refers to the management, spending, using money and property of individuals and households with specific levels of risk and expected future plans.
Personal Finance is related to decisions and activities related to the state of finance of an individual or a household, including budgeting, savings, insurance, investment, retirement and testament. Personal finance plan may change and depends largely on targets in each life stage of an individual and a household. Researching group launched in January 2015, aiming to form a new network of scientific and practical researchers interesting in the sector of personal finance, a relatively new topic in Vietnam. The first members of group are:

In Vietnam:

  1. Dr. Dinh Thi Thanh Van - Leader, Faculty of Finance and Banking, University of Business and Economics, VNU
  2. Dr. Le Trung Thanh - Faculty of Finance and Banking, University of Business and Economics, VNU
  3. Dr. Nguyen Dang Tue, Institute of Economic Management, HUST.
  4. MSc. Nguyen Tien Thanh, Faculty of Finance and Banking, University of Business and Economics, VNU
  5. MSc. Nguyen Thi Mai Lan, Faculty of Finance, FPT University, Hanoi.
  6. MSc. Nguyen Dinh Tu, Faculty of Finance and Banking, Institute of Posts and Telecommunications, Hanoi
The professors agree with cooperating from the foreign university:
  1. Dr. Everett Myers, Professor from University of New York, USA
  2. Dr. Carol Newman, Professor University of Trinity College in Ireland.
  3. Dr. Minchung Hsu, Professor National Institute of Policy Studies (GRIPS), Japan.

The group’s findings

  1. Dinh, V. & Nguyen, T. (2015). Relationship between knowledge of personal finance and economic development: Evidence from developed countries. Journal of Banking (forthcoming).
  2. Dinh, V. & Nguyen, T. (2015). Measuring capability and literacy of finance: Standards and international practices. Banking Review, No. 14, July 2015.
  3. Dinh, V. & Le, T. (eds, 2015). Monographs: Development of Personal Finance Services: International Experience and lessons for Vietnam. Publisher National University Hanoi
  4. Dinh, V. (2015). Training consultants of personal finance in US and some suggestions for Vietnam. Journal of Financial Markets and Currency. Vietnam Banking Association. March 2015.
  5. Workshop Development Financial consulting services for individuals and organizations in January 2015

The programs are being implemented:

  1. Enhancing financial capacity of vulnerable group of people in the economy (women, the poor, students, and the elders). The research will be based on international experiences and practices in Vietnam. Surveys, interviews to develop the training program and training implements for the target groups by both online and offline. We are welcome all the cooperation, coordination and participant of experts interested in personal finance issues.
  2. Consulting and training the courses of personal finance management: program of budgeting, investments, savings, insurance and retirement plans. The short-term training programs are designed according to the needs of two main target groups: residential group who wants to enhance their capacity of personal finance management and groups of personal finance consultants. Lecturers are people who have practical experiences on financial mechanisms and specialized knowledge of personal finance management.

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