My Dreamy Journey to GSGIP - SungKyunkwan University

Just dream because life allows…

The first time I knew about SKKU was through the Kdrama “SungKyunkwan scandal”, through the film I knew that SKKU is the first university in Korea, has a history of more than 600 years and has always been one of the top universities in Korea. I dream of going to SKKU someday...

That chance came in July 2019 when Prof. Hong-Joo Jung, President of Korea Insurance Association, Dean of Faculty of Finance and Insurance, Director of the Pension Insurance Research Center (GSGIP) of SKKU came to Vietnam and worked with Prof. Tu Tran Thi Thanh, Dean of Faculty of Finace and Banking, University of Economics and Business - Vietnam National University Hanoi (VNU–UEB) on a research exchange program in the Insurance and Pension of GSGIP-SKKU and my journey to GSGIP-SKKU started from the middle of September 2019.

After 3 months at GSGIP-SKKU as a visiting researcher, I experienced many interesting things. At the beginning of my stay, there were some challenges for me to adapt to the new environment such as Korean language, working style and culture. Here, I also met visiting researchers from Indonesia and Myanmar, our trip is not only research but also a cultural exchange experience between Korea and Asean countries.


However, what remains in my mind is the good memories with GSGIP-SKKU faculty and students. The most memorable thing for me is the Professional working environment at GSGIP-SKKU with warm-hearted faculty members and students, helping to create an engaging learning environment. GSGIP-SKKU Professors gave us an enthusiastically welcome at all of the orientation events. I believe that this kind of activity is effective to nurture an enduring relationship among GSGIP-SKKU faculties and students. The way that GSGIP-SKKU Professors take care of their students really amazed me. At GSGIP-SKKU, students can dive into an active learning environment. The school provides them with modern and well-equipped classrooms, access to a huge library and a variety of activities to improve their knowledge and skills. I have been invited to many insurance conferences in Korea where I have provided me with background knowledge and effective solutions, lessons learned from insurance models in developed countries and exchange research with Professors at leading univeristies in Korea and Internationlly and insurance Prosessionals in Korea.


My stay at GSGIP-SKKU is also filled with interesting discussions on relevant research topics. I am currently conducting a comparative study of “A Reform Proposal for Vietnam Pension System: Development of the Public Pensions. Experience from the Republic of Korea”. I have had several discussions with GSGIP-SKKU Professors, especially Prof. Hong-Joo Jung and Prof. Jai-Seop Lee, the Director of the Public Pension Research Institute and the Director of the Consumer Finance Association International Approval whose professionalism and suggestions are essential for me to complete my research. It is fair to say that GSGIP-SKKU is a professional school bringing not only a uniquely designed learning environment for students but also a pleasant and effective working environment for researchers like me.


Also during this time, I had a chance to share some of my research with Professors and Students at GSGIP-SKKU, through which we discussed and I received quite interesting ideas, open up new research directions in the future.


Unfortunately, even the most joyful journey has to come to an end. My exchange fellowship period at GSGIP-SKKU has ended this December. However, I do hope that there will be more opportunities for GSGIP-SKKU and VNU - UEB to promote faculty and student exchange programs in the near future. These programs will be essential to create a wider network of studying and researching. Teamwork and collaboration are very important to promote more outstanding research results of mutual interests for both Korea and Vietnam scholars. Sincerely, I will miss the wonderful time at GSGIP-SKKU in particular and Korea in general. If I have a chance, I will definitely come back to Korea one day to meet and research with my Professors and close friends in Korea because I still want to "Just dream because life allows" in my career.

I wish that GPCI-SKKU and the Insurance-Pension Program of GPCI-SKKU will be strong and develop.

I wish VNU - UEB and GPCI-SKKU cooperation on development.

Lan Phuong - F&B 

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