Finance and Banking students participated in UEB Spotlight contest confidently

The pair Vu Thi Giang and Thanh Trung Hieu
The pair Vu Thi Giang and Thanh Trung Hieu won the first prize of UEB Spotlight 2013 which was started from 2013 March. UEB Spotlight was organized by Youth Union and Students Association of University of Economics and Business – Vietnam National University and the contest attracted many students inside and outside UEB. After attractive and dramatic rounds, organization board chose 9 pairs to compete in the final round. In this dynamic environment, candidates from Department of Finance and Banking took part in the final round with confidence.

Final night took place on 25 April 2013 in 10-12 Hall with parts: compulsory costume, optional costume, talents and the implementation of conduct. Taking part in the finale excellently, finance and banking faculty students really shone. If in the first 2 parts, the candidates made the audience suprised with their charm in traditional clothes and their youthful in optional costume, in the next part, they conquered the viewers by their talents. Moreover, the candidates showed their confidence and intelligence in the implementation of conduct.

With elegance, talents and confidence, the pair Vu Thi Giang and Thanh Trung Hieu became the champion of UEB Spotlight 2013.

The pair Nguyen Van Tuan and Tran Le Tra My

The pair was so impressive with national flag printed costume, Nguyen Van Tuan and Tran Le Tra My won the second prize. The third prize is for Nguyen Phan Hung and Nguyen Ha My.

UEB Spotlight finished with success, beauty and talent of Finance and Banking faculty students being beautiful memories.

Nguyen Huy Hoang (QH2011ETCNH)

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