Banking and Finance Faculty greets foreign visiting professor

From 03/01 to 05/01/2018, Prof Dick Beason, the manager of international cooperation department, Albeta University visits the Banking and Finance faculty, VNU University of Economics and Bussiness as the acceptance of formal invitation from Assoc. Prof Tran Thi Thanh Tu, Dean of Banking and Finance faculty. This is an activity in the program of high quality bachelor training provided by the faculty as well as a part of the international cooperation orientation of the faculty.

In this visiting, Prof Dick Beason has the seminar with high quality program’s students with topic on the cyclicality of difference between loan and deposit interest rates and the labor market in Japan. Interestingly, the discussion of labor market in Japan has attracted the attention of students. According to the students, the information about long-term human resource in the research organizations in Japan is useful for orientation and development of future students.

GS. Dick Beason also offers a number of research programs with lecturers at the banking and finance faculty.

         Besides the seminar, GS. Dick Beason has a direct meeting with the Dean of Faculty, leader of departments to discuss more about other areas of cooperation in teaching for high quality programs and research intensive in the faculty.

      After 3 days of working, Faculty of finance and banking and Prof Dick Beason have obtain several agreements in research and teaching. Accordingly, Mr Dick Beason give lectures on some subjects to students of high-quality undergraduate program. He also will join the research team in Corporate Governance in Banking. In the meeting with Prof Dick Beason, Assoc. Professor Tran Thi Thanh Tu hope the cooperation will improve the quality of education programs of the Faculty.

Prof Dick Beason and the lecturers of Banking and Finance faculty
      Prof Dick Beason had worked in Japan for 10 years. He is very professional about Finance and banking system in Asia and he really falls in love with Vietnamese people. His major interests are ownership structure, bank management and banking performance assessment with many international publications.
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