Lecturer from University of Economics & Business attended the annual conference of the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) on Financial Inclusion, Financial Education and Fintech in Tokyo

Accepting the invitation of the Asian Banking Research Institute (ADBI), Dr. Dinh Thi Thanh Van, Associate Dean of Banking and Finance Faculty attended the Annual Conference of Asian Banking Research Institute on Financial Inclusion, Financial Education and Fintech in Tokyo, Japan on 2 days 28th – 29th, November, 2019.

ADBI is a think tank which established in 1997, with staffs from more than 11 countries, providing research to policy makers in member states of the Asian Development Bank (ADB ). ADBI studies often focus on mid- and long-term development issues, affecting the overall development of the region and providing training and management capacity building courses for members in order to reduce poverty. ADBI is ranked among the top 25th think tanks in the world according to the Global Go to Think Tank Index (2018) and ranked 2nd in think tank for Government for the last 5 consecutive years. .

With the development of financial technology in the Asia-Pacific region, the operations of commercial banks need to be changed to provide digital financial services to meet customer needs. ADBI's 2019 Annual Workshop focus on the topic Financial Inclusion, Financial Education and Fintech where policy makers, researchers and practices discuss and evaluate potential role of financial technology companies in promoting financial inclusion and financial understanding in the region.


Picture1: President of ADB Takihiko Nako took picture with speaker of the Conference

Attending the seminar were many speakers and famous policy makers from Asia such as President of Asian Development Bank, Dr. Takihiko Nako, or Dr. Leonardo Gambacorta, Head of Digital Economy and Innovation Department of Bank for International Settlements(BIS), or Dr. Chen Long, President of China's famous Luo Han think tank (Alibaba), and representatives from IFC, WB, representatives from Central Bank, Ministry of Finance, research unit and real activist on financial education in Asian countries.


Picture 2: Dr. Dinh Thi Thanh Van presented in the Conference


Picture 3: President of ADB, Dr. Takihiko Nako presented on Conference

The Conference consisted of 9 discussion sessions of speakers. Dr. Dinh Thi Thanh Van was invited to join as a commentator for the presentation of the two speakers: 1. Assoc. Prof. Douglas Cumming of Florida Alantic University, USA, a very famous professor is the Editor-in-Chief and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of many famous financial magazines such as Journal of Corporate Finance, Annals of Corporate Governance, Journal of Banking and Finance ; 2. Mr. Shri N.S. Vishwanathan, Deputy Governor, Central Bank of India.

Research paper of Assoc. Prof. Cumming on customer empowerment and consumer protection in a digital age. Deputy Governor Vishwanathan's presentation on policies and experiences to promote financial literacy and consumer protection in India. In addition to the comments for the post of 2 speakers, Dr. Van also introduced some financial education experiences in Vietnam in the context of the development of the digital economy.


Picture 4: Dr. Dinh Thi Thanh Van at the intimate reception

Attending the Conference helped Dr. Van gained more experience in financial education, promoting financial inclusion from Asian experts. This is an opportunity for lecturers of the University of Economics & Business to meet, create a working network and promote research activities and training of Personal Finance in University of Economics & Business in the future.

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