The success of faculty of Finance and Banking year 2013-2014’s Student Scientific Research Seminar

Attending teams in the Student Scientific Research Seminar of the faculty
In order to remain the tradition of passion for scientific research of UEB - VNU students and to promote scientific research works of staffs, lecturers and students, on 25th April 2014, faculty of Finance and Banking successful held a Student Scientific Research Seminar of the year 2013 – 2014.

Attending the seminar were Associate Deans of the faculty namely Dr. Le Trung Thanh and Dr. Tran Thi Thanh Tu, other lecturers, students in the research team and other students in the faculty.

Opening the seminar, Dr. Le Trung Thanh introduced overview of student scientific research works in 2013 and brought out some solutions for improving student scientific research activities next year. He also emphasized that scientific research is one of the first priority and is the leading direction of the university, in particular, of the faculty. Student Scientific Research Seminar is not only the first steps for students in their research future career, but also improves the faculty’s research activity in order to find out the greatest subjects with practical meaning to participating in Youth’s Scientific Research Seminar of the university and of the country.


This year, the number of high-quality works presented in Student Scientific Research Seminar of the faculty was two times higher than the one in last year. Of the 12 student’s scientific research works, the research “A cluster-Based approach for identifying Asian 5+3 possibility of forming” of student group consisting of Ly Thu Thao and Ngo Nhat Ha in QH2011-E-TCNH CLC class was won the first prize. 4 of the 12 works having highest appreciation were chosen by the faculty to present in the Student Scientific Research Seminar year 2013 – 2014 of the university.

The most excellent groups had a picture with the judging commission.


According to the commission, the research this year had great, diversity ideas and highly practical meaning in different levels. They also highly appreciated students’ spirit and passion for participating scientific research this year.

The seminar has brought to students many new helpful experiences, helping them to prepare necessary science knowledge and skills for future career.

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