Advanced Finance and Banking Students’ theses defence

In the training plan for the academic year of 2014 - 2015 of the University of Economics and Business - VNU, Faculty of Finance and Banking celebrated thesis defence for students of QH2011 course – E Advanced Finance and Banking in May 29th 2015,. This course is the first graduated of the training program in high quality of Finance and Banking major so the thesis defence is not only meaningful for the students but also the events that set milestone for the Finance and Banking Department.
The ceremony is full of the teachers of students in the Faculty of Finance and Banking, along with students’ friend and families.

The Council which assess the defense period 2014 -2015

English is used as the main languages in this conference with solemn, serious, and positive atmosphere. All students were presented the results of their research in an active and self-confident way. The students have completely mastered English in presentations and answered questions from the Council.

QH2011-class students at the CLC E-TCNH protection

Thesis topics of the students were considered theoretical and practical, suit the study major of the students and especially with many new features such as: the role of microfinance in reducing poverty, development of electronic banking, interest rate risk management...
The thesis defence ended successfully with 100% thesis are assessed assured of quality requirements and shows that the students of the Faculty of Finance - Banking are capable of learning and researching. Achieving results is due to the training curriculum is designed scientifically, besides specialized subjects with deep content knowledge, the Faculty also organizes workshops inviting experts to share topics associated with reality. And especially the curriculum and teaching methods to create added value for students through the internship period and writing thematic reports.
A clear distinction of the program students high quality compared with standard training program as their thesis research investment have combined theory with the practical approach of the hour of modules actual practice and especially the applications deployed econometric models to address the financial and banking problems. 
The great success in part due to the efforts of the students - the result after 4 years of hard – working and practicing, partly thanks to the dedicated guidance, the enthusiasm impart knowledge to students in the years of the faculty of the University of the Economics and Business in general and the Department of Finance - Banking in particular. This is a warm – welcome for the spirit of learning and serious study of the students as well as affirmation of the quality of training of high-quality programs in Finance - Banking.

Evaluation Board thesis souvenir photograph with students

Besides the success of the current training programs of high quality, Department of Finance - Banking is actively researching and proposing programs of high quality with high tuition fees, increased levels of international training and duration of internship for students. This initial success will also promise a positive result and sustainability of the training programs of the Faculty of high quality.

News: Bao Ngoc (F-B), Photo: Thanh Tu

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